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I launched a jewelry line in sunny Austin, Texas in 2012 to create inspiring and smile-inducing designs. My mission is to empower you through jewelry so you can feel completely prepared for your day.  Whether it's a personalized memento or an impactful charm, our jewelry offers luxurious materials perfect for your everyday wear.

Explore the collection and discover pieces that speak to you. 

I am so grateful for your support.
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Designed with love in Austin, Tx

-Elisha M. Garza



Luxurious Materials 

Jewelry that is rooted in meaning and infused with a trendy modern style. EM puts love and care into each piece.  Made in high-quality, luxurious materials that will last for years to come. 


Our Promise

EM understands each piece is meaningful to you. If there are any issues with your jewelry, contact us with your questions. EM is dedicated to making sure your are happy with your jewelry.  


Giving Back

A business that gives back to the community is so important.  That’s why  EM is donating to Capital Texas Food Bank this year. 

Every product sold = 8 meals
That means for every product you purchase on www.Elisha-Marie.com, you provide 8 meals to families in need across the Central Texas area. 

Purchase 1 Ring ~ creates 8 meals

Purchase 2 Rings ~ creates 16 meals

Purchase 3 Rings ~ creates 24 meals



The Design Process

Dedicated to responsible jewelry production in all stages of the creation process. I design each piece in the Austin, Tx studio using CAD and other fun design programs. Each piece is then crafted by hand in-house or by our skilled community of jewelers. Most jewelry designs are created right when you order it, making it truly special. 


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