Established in 2012, with a small collection of handcrafted jewelry. Elisha Marie is founded on the idea of empowering you with jewelry. Designed to inspire positive feelings and self-confidence with meaningful charms. Wear them as tokens of resilience, as a reminder of your strength. I aim to create pieces that speak to your heart, tell your story, and you'll want to wear every day.

I am so grateful for your support.
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Designed with love in Austin, Tx

Elisha M. Garza



Luxurious Materials 

Jewelry that is rooted in meaning and infused with a trendy modern style.We put our love and care into each item we create. We use high-quality, luxurious materials that will last for years to come. 

Our Promise

We understand each piece is meaningful to you. If there are any issues with your jewelry, contact us with your questions. Our team is dedicated to making sure your are happy with your jewelry.  


 Find a piece of jewelry that speaks to you.