Custom Design Process



During your design project with Elisha Marie, here's what you can expect. 

1. Consultation:

What overall design aesthetic are you looking for? (simple, clean and modern, vintage, classic, etc.) 

What type of jewelry would you like to create? (Necklace, pendant, charm, ring, bracelet)

Custom Jewelry is only made in solid gold or Platinum. What type of metal will you be looking for? ( 14K, 18K Yellow, White or Rose Gold, Platinum)

Would you like to add gemstones? If so, what are your thoughts? (Choose from an array of precious and semi precious gemstones)

    -Engraving Options

    Will you add Engraving to the ring? 
    What do you want Engraving to say? 
    What font do you want for Engraving? (Script, Block, Old English, Handwriting)
    Would  you like you engraving to have color? (Black, Blue, Red, Pink)


    3.  Deposit

    When you are ready to begin, a nonrefundable $200 deposit is required. This deposit will be applied to the overall cost of the design. You will receive an email invoice for the deposit that you can pay by credit card, or choose one of our payment plans like Klarna. 

    4. Design Stage

    As a first step, I will email you three jewelry mock-up designs. This is where we dial in all your details to get your final jewelry design and make any necessary changes. 


    3. Bringing your design to life 

    EM Jewelry will now begin creating your approved final jewelry design. 

    The design concept must be clearly defined at this stage 
    For the final design, we will allow three revisions. There is a $25 fee for each additional revision.

    4. Project Completion

    As soon as your new jewelry has been completed, it will be shipped to the address on file with a tracking number and insurance.

    Orders are shipped using UPS Express Next Day delivery or your suggested carrier. Your jewelry is insured and a signature is required unless otherwise specified.


    5. Guarantee 

    You will get a 5-year guarantee on all custom designs from manufacturer defects. Normal wear and tear and tarnishing does not constitute a repair, an additional fee may be added.  


    You've dreamt of it, now let's create it.  

    You can design jewelry for yourself, your family, friends, or pets. 

    Let's get started today! Email at to get started.