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Tired of guessing your ring size?

Tired of guessing your ring size? All our fingers usually have different ring sizes, especially on our dominant hand. Our Ring Sizer helps you find your accurate size in the comfort of your home. This fun at-home tool is as accurate as sizing from your local jeweler.

  • Made for women and men
  • It can be used on multiple fingers.
  • Measures U.S. sizes 1–17 in half-size increments
  • Reusable, so don’t throw it away instead share with friends
  • Ships to your door in a few days

Helpful Tips: 

The average ring size of a woman is between six and eight, while the average size of a men's rings is between nine and eleven. Many of us live outside the average ring size. If you don't want the ring to fall or slide on your finger, you should get an accurate measurement.

When your ring sizer is the correct size, it should have a comfortable fit. It should slide over the knuckle with a touch of resistance. This will keep it from falling off, and it won't be too tight that you can't take it off.


When to Measure Ring Size 

Did you know that your ring finger measuring conditions need to be just right? Warm weather makes our fingers swell, and they tend to shrink from cold weather in the winter. Exercise, drinking alcohol and eating salty foods also make your fingers swell. 

Temperature, diet, pregnancy, and other elements can impact your fingers size. Try to measure when your body temp is normal around midday at room temp. 

Finger Shape: Yes, there are different kinds of fingers, and they can impact ring size and fit. 


Band Width 

Rings with thinner bands tend to run a bit larger, than thicker rings that can have a more snug fit. The more metal around your finger, the more space it takes up, and the tighter it fits. 

A thin size 5 ring will not fit the same as a wide size 5 ring. 

If you have your heart set on a thin, delicate band then opt for the slightly smaller ring size.



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