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Jewelry at the Beach

Jewelry At The Beach

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Caring For Your Jewelry after a day at the Beach


Wearing your jewelry on the beach is great but there are key things to consider when jumping into those tempting waves.

Residue from salt water will remain on the jewelry's surface and continue to damage it which can lead to tarnishing and corrosion of the finish.  

If you’re wearing your gold jewelry daily and not taking them off between sunscreen, pool or beach, shower, shampoo, lotion, soap your pieces will accumulate gunk. 

 Cleaning your jewelry soon after a trip to the beach or pool is essential to keep it from getting damaged. The best tip is to shower right after coming out of a pool or ocean. Find that nearest outdoor shower and give yourself a good rinse. This will help remove any chlorine or salty minerals from your jewelry. 

I would also recommend cleaning your jewelry with a soft cloth or a jewelry cleaner at least once a week in order to keep your jewelry maintained and shiny.

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