In The Studio with Elisha Marie - Elisha Marie Jewelry

In The Studio with Elisha Marie

Ever wonder what it takes to make EM jewelry? 

 It seems like such a rare thing to have artists or designers walk you through how they create their livelihood.  Jewelry is one of those things that seem to just "happen" ~ cheap jewelry is so pervasive that it's easy to forget that the process of creating a unique/handmade piece, is fairly extensive and labor-intensive. Elisha walks us through the steps it takes to make a delicate, simple, and lovely ring from her eponymous line, Elisha Marie Jewelry. 

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How Did You Make That? 

Hi! I am the founder and designer behind Elisha Marie. As a jewelry designer, the most frequent question I receive is “How did you make that?” Well, I decided it was time to let you in on the secret! Actually, there's no secret, I love being transparent about my process.
First, I keep my sketchbook close at hand because you never know when inspiration hits. I draw out a few rough sketches before I lose the idea. I then finish each drawing with specific measurements and add color to the design. This helps with the next process so I get the piece just right.


Bringing the design to life

Then I take my sketch and move it to the CAD software where it comes to life. This is where I can add different gemstones and look at different metal colors.



3D Printing Time

This is the cool part! I send my CAD design to my 3D printer and it prints out a wax model of my design.



 Metal Time

This step takes the wax model and turns it into a metal piece of jewelry. Super cool! Now it just needs a good polishing to make it really sparkly and add any gemstones to it. 





Final Step! Make a Mold

Ok, now we are at the final step. This is where we make a mold of the original design. The mold is used to make the jewelry piece for you! When you order jewelry from Elisha Marie, we reproduce the design using this mold. Pretty neat right? 

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