Day 11 Ring- Sodalite

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Every time I wear my gold Sodalite Ring, women always compliment me. Like the time, when I went to a girls empowerment fundraiser wearing it and got stopped in my tracks by a blogger, a magazine publicist and a model asking where I got it. 

Visualize this, your at your BFF's 30th birthday pool party wearing your new dusty blue polka-dot two-piece swimsuit, your big straw hat, and your gold Sodalite ring. With a chilled Martini in hand, your best friend hugs you and say's she loves your Sodalite Ring. And you think, " Yes! She's going to be so surprised when she unwraps her new Ring!" 


Natural Gemstone: 5mm Sodalite Jasper Gemstone is known for trust, harmony, and communication.

Band and Bezel: 14K Goldfill

Sizes: 5,6,7,8