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Hi, I'm Elisha, the Founder of Elisha Marie, a minimal statement jewelry brand based out of Austin, Tx. My journey as a designer started at an early age. By 15, I was envisioning my name on clothing hangtags.  As an innovative self-taught designer, I created a line of jewelry, clothing and hats that complemented my casual, easy-going lifestyle. These were pieces that I connected with, that were made with quality materials and I felt proud to wear. 

Embracing oppoortunities for change and exploration, I moved to Austin, where I recieved my degree in Jewerly Design and Fabrication. I learned skills like jewelry production, design methods and business practices.  Driven by a profound sense of adventure, my creative entrepeneurial spirit ignited and Elisha Marie was born.  

Changing the game since 2012, I now design a sustainable slow-fashion jewelry brand focusing on your comfort and everyday wear. Knowing who made it and how it was made is just part of the story. Now create yours, by choosing pieces that you connect with, that inspire you and you feel proud to wear. 


 From my hands to yours,  



My Process

Elisha Marie designs are handcrafted in small limited editions to ensure the finest quality. I proudly partner with small family owned manufacturers that share the same values for sustainable production methods as I do. Each piece in finished my hand in my Austin, Tx studio, before being sent to you as your new everyday jewelry.