Attracting Love

Rose Quartz Stones: One of the most powerful stones for attracting love is rose quartz, because it opens your heart center, restoring love and trust. Keeping rose quartz by your bedside and practicing the attract love affirmation, like My life is full of love. I attract love into my life. I am a magnet for love,  each day while holding the rose quartz will help draw a new love into your life. The rose quartz meaning teaches you to love yourself and receive love from another.

Pink Tourmaline: Brings love of all kinds into your life. It transforms your energy to foster positivity and openness, which prepares you for meeting your soul mate. Place this crystal in your bedroom for attracting love.


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Disc Birthstone Charm

This disc birthstone Charm is perfect as an everyday necklace or as a gift. Choose your birthstone or someone else's.  Solid 14K Gold Pendant: 16mm Birthstone: 3mmTap to add this charm to a chain or hoops.  Creation Time: 4-7 days

Tiny Gemstone Studs

These Tiny Gemstone Studs are so pretty and light. You almost forget you’re wearing them until someone compliments your lovely earrings! Sold as a pair Solid 14K Gold Earrings Gemstones are 2mm Ships in 3 days    

Baguette Ring

The baguette ring adds a personal touch to your jewelry look.  Order one for you and one for them.  Solid 14K Gold Band is 1.7mm Gemstone is 4x2mm        

Tourmaline Pendant

Let the Tourmaline pendant be your powerful love Talisman. A reminder of self-love.  Wear the necklace for added protection in your life. A simple understated piece for your everyday style. This elegant necklace pairs stunningly with your other gold necklaces. Packaged in a gift-ready jewelry...