Fine Jewelry is solid gold and genuine gemstones and can wear it daily without it tarnishing. Fine Jewelry is durable enough to wash your hands, shower, and swim if it's a solid gold band.
If it has softer gemstones like Opal, stay clear of the water. Going to the pool or the beach?
Remove chlorine or saltwater with gentle soap and water.
If your jewelry needs an extra shine boost, I have you covered.
When you buy a solid gold piece, you get a lifetime guarantee and one free polishing and cleaning.
Semi-Fine Jewelry or Demi-Fine Jewelry is between fine and fashion jewelry. It is an affordable and fashion-forward option. Semi Jewelry is gold-plated, gold vermeil, or gold fill jewelry. Its made with a high-quality base metal like sterling silver.
Often, designed with semi-precious stones like Lapis, and Turquoise. These pieces need a bit more care and don't do well with water. These are pieces that look great for a while but won’t last a lifetime. 
Fashion Jewelry is brass, bronze, or copper or gold-plated jewelry that has a base metal like brass.  Take care when wearing in water as they will tarnish fast.  To bring back that high shine, use a polishing cloth.  

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