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Verde Marble

Beautiful swirled shades of chartreuse, yellow-green and quartz. Collected in the Mohave desert in California.

Marble is said to encourage wisdom in decisions and common sense, helping flexibility through difficult circumstances and helping with a positive focus to bring about physical and emotional improvements. It is said to assist with the mastery of thought and meditation encouraging serenity.



Large Gemstone Ring- Verde Marble

From $132.00 - $960.00

Small Gemstone Ring -Verde Marble

From $132.00 - $960.00

Gemstone Medallion Necklace- Verde Marble

From $150.00 - $1,475.00

Dainty Gemstone Necklace-Verde Marble

From $88.00 - $678.00

Dainty Everyday Necklace- Verde Marble

From $88.00 - $720.00

Minimal Gemstone Necklace- Verde Marble

From $88.00 - $760.00

Gemstone Bar Necklace- Verde Marble

From $228.00 - $2,985.00