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This very rare material was actually first discovered in 1873 and comes from only one location in the world-the magnesite deposit at Sunk, Hohentauern, Niedere Tauern, Styria, Austria. 

It is a metamorphic rock containing magnesite as crystals in a dolomite and graphite matrix.

It is named Pinolith because the magnesite inclusions resemble pine cones in shape.

Pinolith is believed to be a gemstone of optimism and balance, providing a soothing, calming effect, improving self-esteem while establishing equilibrium between emotions and intellect. Pinolith is thought to promote imagination and creativity by banishing negativity and encouraging clarity of mind for positive visualization.



Dainty Everyday Necklace- Plinolith

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Gemstone Necklace- Plinolith

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Statement necklace- Plinolith

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